Round table “Youth of Kazakhstan – 2015”

Round table “Youth of Kazakhstan – 2015”

The information about the “round table”

“Youth of Kazakhstan – 2015”

September 11, 2015 the Institute of State and Law of Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in cooperation with the Law Faculty of KazNU. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University held a round table “Youth of Kazakhstan – 2015” with participation of representatives from Astana, Kostanay, Pavlodar and Omsk city of Russia. The event was held in preparation for the annual National report “Youth of Kazakhstan – 2015”, and over which runs the Institute of State and Law of Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi. The main task of the organizers was to create a dialogue between government agencies, well-known scientists and socially active young people. It should be noted that dialogue has taken place in particular through the efforts of the roundtable moderators famous scientists Doctor of Law, Professor AS Ibrayeva and Ph.D., assistant professor Salimgerey AA, together with them on the preparation of the round table worked the project operator: Shapinova SA, Maulentegi A S. Goncharov, A. Kabdiev, Moses E.

The participants were given the task within the framework of the round table to develop recommendations for improving the state youth policy. In the process, we heard reports, made suggestions and recommendations to both scientists and practitioners. This collection contains reports and speeches of the roundtable participants. Great interest was aroused by the leading scientists of Kazakhstan:. D.filosof.n, professor Ospanov SI, President of Kazakhstan center of humanitarian and political situation d.polit, Sciences, Professor EK Aliyarova .; Director of the Center of topical research “Alternative” Chebotarev AE .; doctor of pedagogical sciences, the head. Department of Pedagogy and Educational Management, Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science, Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi Bulatbaevoy A. A .; Ph.D., associate professor of KazNU. Al-Farabi Mezhibovskoy IV .; Director DLC “Sneyl”, Omsk, Russian Federation Natskevich YA .; doctor of pedagogical sciences, Assoc. Professor Mynbayev A. K .; control head on the youth policy of Kostanay region Alimzhanova K. G .; Representative of the schools in the city of Almaty Bedskoy OV .; representatives of youth associations and foundations; Project Coordinator of the youth public association “Social and Volunteer Center” Pavlodar Pichugina OA ..

Actively serving students of Almaty universities, and in particular the KNU them. Al-Farabi. All participants were asked to express their own proposals in writing. After the “round table” views and suggestions of the participants were summarized. At the end of this volume sets out proposals of the participants.

As a result of the round table the following topical issues were raised:

1. Realization of the state youth policy.

2. Situation and processes in the youth environment in Kazakhstan.

3. The participation of youth in social and political processes.

4. Socio-economic situation of young people.

5. Crime among young people.

6. Activities aimed at strengthening young people’s health.

7. Questions of military-patriotic education.

8. Attracting youth to knowledge, science and art.
This event will be the starting point for creating a dialogue between young people and the state, a dialogue that will allow to identify and solve the most important problems of youth of Kazakhstan. Opinions and needs of young people should be paramount for the state and the Kazakhstan society, as today’s young people are the future of our nation, the future of Kazakhstan!